Presentation Training Skills Courses and Workshops

Presentation Training: Skills & Development 

At the Presentation Skills Training Center LLC, we understand that a quality and well directed presentation can secure a new project or gain a new contract. It can also be an uncomfortable and awkward time for all participants.

Even those with years of presentation experience can make mistakes or just have faulty presentation skills habits. We are here to help increase your presentations effectiveness and comfort level.

"What I enjoyed the most about the (Exceptional Presentations) program was the practice for reviewing sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with the staff. The instructor gave me great, constructive feedback; in addition our instructor provided a very supportive environment."

Presentation Skills Training

Practice-driven presentation classesPresentation related research clearly shows that even the most experienced presenters will occasionally lapse into using old or even bad habits which lose audience participation and interest. Some experienced presenters may even get nervous and negatively affect the positive results they are capable of achieving. We quickly help to permanently remove these types of presentation problems. We do this through our highly interactive skill based presentation skills methodology. We believe in practice, practice, and practice in conjunction with presentation coaching. New presenters and experienced speakers will leave our presentation course with all the necessary skills they need as well as a specific action plan designed for their long term personal presentation improvement. They will have seen and practiced their own personal presentation a minimum of ten times. No other legitimate training company offers such an individualized two instructor approach.

Each presentation course or workshop is designed with the participant’s specific needs in mind. From group discussions designed to stimulate thought and knowledge sharing to digitally recorded exercises focused on presentation skills practice and immediate applicability. Our presentation skills training methodology is designed to provide quick results that last a lifetime. Our skilled educators and presentation skills training experts are not only trained and certified facilitators but they are also experienced professionals who have honed their presentations skills in the field and in the classroom. Our clients which include more than 50% of the top Fortune 500 companies find that their success is tied not only to our award-winning presentation training methodology but also to the manner in which they are treated by our presentations training skills instructors. Our Presentation Skills Training focus is to help each person improve their skills, presentation-by-presentation, until they walk out of the classroom stronger, more confident and able to deliver a presentation that is appropriate to their audiences needs and if required in a persuasive and informative manner.

Presentation Training Courses & Presentation Seminar

Presentations training courses are provided across the country via public open enrollment presentation seminars in most major metropolitan areas and can also be delivered on-site via private presentation sessions. Our presentation courses can be provided as off-the-shelf sessions, ready to be delivered to a diverse audience or can be customized to provide a tailored and personalized approach based on client needs. All presentation courses are limited to a maximum of twelve participants so as to increase presentation seminar effectiveness and provide the individual level of coaching and interaction that is associated with the Presentations Training Center. Whether we deliver an on-site presentations skills training course or we present to multiple industries in a public presentation seminar, all of our presentation sessions utilize multiple learning methodologies in order to appeal to varying learner needs. Our approach ensures you that presentations skills are learned, absorbed and retained. Unlike many other training courses that fail to ensure continued use and retention, our presentations training provides a long-term solution. Whether giving a presentation ten minutes after our class or ten years, all participants can be confident that the Presentation Skills Training Seminar Center LLC will have you prepared to succeed.

As a result of attending a Presentation Training Center course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and implement how to communicate effectively to varying personality types
  • Flex their presentations skills communication style to appeal to different learning types
  • Control and manage the natural anxiety that often accompanies a presentation
  • Project individual credibility before a presentation has even started
  • Utilize effective voice inflection, pacing and articulation to project credibility to audience members
  • Project their voice more effectively and ensure that audience members can hear the message being delivered
  • Gesture naturally so they illustrate the presentation concept and reinforce important information
  • Control their body language and facial expressions so they deliver a more natural presentation
  • Maintain a positive and confident demeanor before audiences
  • Structure a presentation for the greatest effect
  • Kick off their presentation opening to have the strongest impact on their audience
  • Deliver their presentation content in a rational and logical manner that ensures interest and audience involvement
  • Utilize presentations skills and techniques to select and build more effective visual aids
  • Present using visual aids in a manner that reinforces the content and does not distract from the key message
  • Deal with conflict that arrives during a presentation
  • Successfully guide and facilitate question and answer sessions
  • Deliver sales and marketing content in a more persuasive manner
  • Speak on technical subjects with clarity
  • Deliver an entire presentation with ease and comfort